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VOLCANO II has not been made for looks; it seeks the best possible performance from a balanced traditional style. The off balance double holes in the blade give it an irregular unique vibration along with a captivating metallic sound, while maintaining the original versions effectiveness. The wire balance has also been changed to a short arm style, which means the blade and hook are both taken up by the bass to improve hooking rates and reduce blade bites. The hook angle has also been carefully designed to allow for full transfer of power to hook point for strong hooking. Not only does this improve hooking it also decreases snags, for a super tournament model. Of course it can also be used on dead slow retrieves. BITE SIZE can be used in situations such as clear major lakes or on dead calm days where the original would be too strong to make buzz bait game possible. Retrieving this lure so that the blades just come out of the water is tantamount when using baits of this size. More than a simple downsize, it has been rebalanced for optimum action typical of NORIES lures. VOLCANO II is the bait to save the day when everything else has given up the game.


Short Lower Arm

Short Lower Arm

The short arm used in the VOLCANO series. Typical buzz bait short lower arms make the head sink lower in the water for a so called better position. However this positioning often leads to blade bites and missed fish. This original short arm setting overcomes this problem for more effective buzz bait game.


Model Weight Blade Combination - Arm Style
VOLCANO II 3/8oz Single Delta - Short Lower Arm
VOLCANO II BITESIZE 1/4oz Single Small Delta - Short Lower Arm

Color Chart - VOLCANO II

701 Pearl Blue Shad
701 Pearl Blue Shad(S)
702 Gold Shad(G)
702 Gold Shad(G)
714AYU (G)
720 White Chartreuse Crystal
720 White Chartreuse Crystal(G)
721 White Crystal
721 White Crystal(S)
730 Triple Chartreuse
730 Triple Chartreuse(G)
732 Super AYU
732 Super AYU(S)
733 Muddy Impact
733 Muddy Impact(G)
738 Cherry Cola
738 Cherry Cola(G)

739 Black Silhouette(G)
739 Black Silhouette
741 Gold Bleeding Shad (G)

746 Bright Chartreuse(G)

747 Live AYU(S)

748 Live Gold AYU(G)

749 Live WAKASAGI(S)

755 Tanabe Select Tiger II(G)

758 Sexy White Chartreuse(S)