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Even though LAYDOWN MINNOW MID was designed as a black bass lure soon after its release it was praised by Seabass anglers as a great lure for saltwater fishing. OYSTER MINNOW 92 is based off the LDM MID but has been modified to specifically target Seabass. Designed with a fat body for high buoyancy the low centre of gravity suppresses the lures action to create a rolling action that appeals to Seabass. The lure has also been designed with a casting fin that stabilizes the lure in flight for longer casts and to compensate for the fixed weight system, thereby achieving both high buoyancy for better action and great casting performance. On jerk the lure has a unique wide dart action and flutters slightly on stop to appeal to wary Seabass. Weighted for suspend in briny water it can be used easily in bays and other areas where Seabass are prevalent. OYSTER MINNOW 92 stands out in the crowded minnow market for its strong appeal to Seabass. A must have lure for tactical "attract and catch" Seabass anglers.。

Casting Fin

OYSTER MINNOW 92 is fitted with a "casting fin" under the lip. By stabilizing the airflow over the lure the fin reduces the chances of the lure tumbling in flight for accurate long casts. Movable weight systems require more space in the lure and therefore reduce the floatation compartments, it is like swapping action for flight distance. NORIES uses a "casting fin" for castability and avoids using movable weight systems, this unique system results in both improved action and castability.


Type Depth Length Weight
Suspend/Silent 0.7m / 12lb 92mm 11.8g

Color Chart - OYSTER MINNOW 92

S-1 パールレッドヘッド
S-14 Green Gold 2011NEW
S-17H ホロマイワシ
S-17H Hologram MAIWASHI 2011NEW
S-18H ホログリーンイワシ
S-18H Hologram Green IWASHI 2011NEW
S-19H ホロレッドゴールドイワシ
S-19H Hologram Red Gold IWASHI 2011NEW
S-20H ホロパープルイワシ
S-21 カタクチイワシ
S-26 Clown 2011NEW
S-22 トラッドブルーシルバー
S-27 Red Head Silver 2011NEW
S-24 ブラッディレッドシルバー
S-28 Matt Pearl Chartreuse 2011NEW
S-26 クラウン
S-29CH Clear Hologram Smoke 2011NEW
S-27 レッドヘッドシルバー
S-28M マットパールチャート
S-37 Sight White 2011NEW